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Our Story


The Villa de Sitges is full of exciting stories of rags to riches. Young men from humble beginnings, who set sail for the Americas and came back home, decades later, having amassed great wealth and fortune.
Those who returned successfully would be popularly known as Los Indianos. Those brave merchants deeply influenced by what they had seen and shared, created different business models, brought freshness to the peaceful Villa de Sitges and built stunning colonial style houses.

You ́ll be staying right on the beach in an Indianos House, My great grandfather built the Palace in 1840 for family holidays, to enjoy the special “temperate microclimate of Sitges, which reminded him of the weather in Cuba. So many famous artists, musicians, aristocrats and philosophers have stayed under her roof, and enjoyed the spacious rooms, high ceilings, fresh Cuban patio and listened to the waves through the shutters. sometimes I like to wonder is these walls could talk, how many more exciting stories would unravel.

I like to think of the Indianos, as passionate adventurers, they had that mixture of youth and passion to discover new places and to live new experiences, without fear of the risks of the trip or simply to fail. Our building descends from the handful of Indianos who went to Cuba and you can see the tropical influences throughout the restaurant,apartments and patio.

Did you know the Bacardi family came from Sitges too? I invite you to try a Cuba Libre (rum and coke) try an rum and coke in the restaurant or on the balcony and experience how the Indianos would have lived.

A very warm Welcome to Sitges and to our home.

Manuel Vidal-Quadras