Frequent questions

1. Is there WiFi in the apartments?2020-01-16T20:01:36+00:00

That’s right, all our apartments have WiFi service.

2. Are the costs of supplies such as electricity, water, heating included in the price?2020-01-16T20:04:44+00:00

All supplies are included in the rental of the stay.

3. Are the apartments 100% equipped?2020-01-16T20:04:51+00:00

Our apartments are ideal for you to come and forget everything, so you will not have to worry about buying neither appliances nor utensils, since they are 100% equipped. Even both toilet paper and hand soap, and our little welcome set, will be waiting for you.

4. Do you have an emergency assistance and care phone number?2020-01-16T20:06:39+00:00

All our guests have a private document where they will find the helpline as well as our email for any request during their stay.

5. Do you have parking or do you know where to park?2020-01-16T20:08:35+00:00

In Sitges, the topic of Parking is somewhat complicated, since to preserve its authenticity, few places are available. But the truth is that next to the train station or in some corners within 5-10 min walking you can find parking spaces. Our team that will receive you at check-in will tell you.

6. Who will check us in Sitges?2020-01-16T20:08:44+00:00

Our manager is called Sunsi. She will be the person who receives you and accompanies you in your stay from the moment you arrive in Sitges.

7. Where do I go, or who do I contact to check-in in Sitges?2020-01-16T20:08:49+00:00

The meeting point is always the entrance of the house on Calle Alegre Street No. 9. Right in front of the statue of Santiago Rusiñol.

8. Why does a final cleaning charge and tourist fee appear in the price?2020-01-16T20:08:57+00:00

In all our prices, we always add the cost of final cleaning plus the tourist rate of the Generalitat of Catalonia (€ 0.99 / adult / night).

9. If we book directly with you, do you ask for commissions?2020-01-16T20:12:20+00:00

We do not charge any commission for booking.

10. Can we check in during weekends or after 11pm?2020-01-16T20:12:27+00:00

From 15 pm to 19pm you can check-in, if you want to do later you will have an additional cost, see our conditions.

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