Museu de Maricel

They are located 150 meters away. The Museu de Maricel is one of the places you cannot miss during your visit to Sitges. It houses works made since the 10th century through realism and works made in the first half of the 20th century. The collection belongs to Dr. Jesús Pérez-Rosales and the Villa de Sitges.

Museu del Cau Ferrat

The Cau Ferrat Museum is located in the same location and was founded by Santiago Rusiñol in 1893, although it was not opened to the public as a museum until 1933, since previously this building served as a house-workshop. In it you will find collections of paintings, sculptures, glass, ceramics … that mixes with the modern art of artists such as Picasso, Rusiñol or Casas.

It is located at the highest point of Sitges, where the castle used to be. Just over 120 meters away from our apartments. The facade of the building is of Catalan civil Gothic style, although the most representative and complex is the main facade, since it has a symmetrical composition and a central body that stands out. Highlights a balcony with a stone railing and the huge lobby with a nice window on each side.

Palau de Maricel

The Palau de Maricel is another place you can not miss, as it is one of the most important in Sitges. The most important space of this Palau is the Saló d’Or, a place where academic, art, social, business and cultural events are held …

Bacardí Sitges House

Located approximately 130 meters away, in the Town Hall Square. One of the most curious places in Sitges, as it is the birthplace of Don Facundo Bacardí, the founder of one of the most important international rum brands. Discover the history of this brand and test your senses.

Carrer Fonollar

It is located between the beach of San Sebastián and the promenade, just 2 minutes away. It is one of the streets that you can not miss. It stands out for its buildings and white houses. It is one of the places where some local museums and the Mirador towards the Mediterranean are located. You cannot leave without visiting it.

San Bartolomé & Santa Tecla Church

Located 3 minutes walk. It is perched on a small hill that presides over the beach of Sitges. It is a baroque church that has 2 bell towers. The name of this Church was given by the central altarpiece that is located in it and that represents San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla, the work of Neapolitan painter Nicolás de Credença. A very characteristic place of Sitges.

Baluarte y Plaça Vidal i Quadras

A little over 250 meters, at the end of Fonollar Street, stands the Vidal-Quadras Bastion, built by the family and that has passed from generation to generation. In it you can enjoy spectacular views of the beach of San Sebastián and part of sitges. In the square where it is located, called Plaza del Baluarte, is the sculpture of Joan Iriarte called “Postal de Sitges”.

Carrer Port Alegre

It is one of the main streets of Sitges and where our apartments are located. It is located on the beach of San Sebastià de Sitges and is the promenade of this beach. There you can find a lot of typical restaurants in the area, as well as tourist restaurants, hamburgers, beach bars … And if you want you can have a drink in our own restaurant: Miramar Sitges.

Museu Romàntic

Also known as Can Llopis, 7min away, it is a 19th-century neoclassical building opened as a Museum in 1949. The house was ceded by Manuel Llopis and de Casades to the Generalitat de Catalunya in 1933. You will find furniture, art and decorative objects, all of the nineteenth century and with that romantic air full of secrets and memories.